Do You Need a Bean Jar?



Our world is a bit topsy-turvy. Many of our usual habits and routines have gone by the wayside. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thrown a little off kilter in the past few months and it has taken a toll on my writing life.

I’ve been experimenting with a different, even fun, way of retraining my brain – by employing the Bean Jar Method. You don’t actually need any beans, or even a jar to start the process. I use a decorative bowl and a set of wooden, hand-painted buttons that I happen to have in my sewing supplies.

Here’s how it works: set a daily goal, accomplish the task, throw a “bean” in the “jar.” Let’s say you want to write for one hour every day – just to get back on track. Get that first day behind you, then you’re on your way to filling the jar.

My bowl occupies a prominent spot on a table I frequently see. It helps to remind me of what I’ve done….and what I may need to do on any given day. After a few buttons, I started to take pride in being able to add to the pile!

If you’re having trouble getting back on course, try a bean jar!

Welcome to The Blue Jean Blog


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Greetings from the Life Coach in Blue Jeans! Allow me to start my very first blog post with a true confession…lean in a little closer, so I can whisper. Ready? I’m not exactly a beginning blogger. In fact, I’ve been ghost blogging for many of my clients for years. But I’ve been just like the mechanic who repairs everyone else’s car and neglects his own. 

Photo of Melanie Stiles

Nevertheless, this is indeed a new season. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s a time when relationships must be primarily built through connections other than face-to-face. And I’ve decided to reach out through this blog. 

What will we be discussing? I have a few ideas. Since I am an award-winning author, life coach and speaker who honestly believes we are better together, I’m looking forward to connecting with you in a variety of areas….writing and speaking encouragement and tips, reviews and comments on books about writing, announcements in support of books written by you (a fellow author), interviews with interesting authors willing to share what they have learned, tips on how to live life to the fullest, stay organized, celebrate victories, overcome setbacks….the list goes on and on.

The biggest concept I intend to continually share is how we can not only survive this (or any other) difficult time, but actually learn how to thrive and come out on the other side even better than when we started! There’s no need to sit on the sidelines (even if we are stuck indoors). I believe we can all move forward into the plans and visions embedded in our hearts and spirits. We might have to readjust our course to allow for certain temporary roadblocks…. we may have learn and try new things…we could even start a blog. If you feel as I do…or if you are simply curious about how to start on a similar journey, please join me. I promise not to deluge you with posts. Let’s be better together!