We all have at least one thing in common. Off and on, change happens to everyone – pandemic or not. So, change is not the real issue, when it comes to pressing in and moving forward, is it? Perhaps, it has more to do with our navigations.

The other day, I just happened to read a short piece on airplanes. And …I think, inadvertently, I learned a life lesson. Turns out thunderstorms are a huge issue where all things aeronautic are concerned. Flying through certain cloud formations has historically caused severe damage – even to the point of breaking structures apart in mid-air! That’s why our flights get delayed and cancelled. If a reroute is unavailable, air control chooses wisely to wait until a storm system passes. (Note to self: NEVER complain about this again!) 

Life, these days, can tend to feel much like we are the plane attempting to fly inside all types of weather. There is the heaviness of the racial discrimination cloud, the thunder of political upheaval and the constant crosswinds involved in flying through a Covid19 world.

Sometimes, we are able to reroute and still get to our destinations. In other instances, there are things in our lives that have been cancelled. I believe what is most important is the fact that we are still getting out there on the runway for takeoff every day.

A final tidbit to consider…while we may be forced to participate in some aspects of change, we can opt out of others. Wisdom arrives in recognizing those moments. Hurricanes do not impede plane travel in many instances. The pilot simply adjusts his/her altitude and flies OVER. 

May you find yourself able to navigate as well as the planes in the coming days….and if possible, at every opportunity, may you gather your altitude and soar!

Special Note: I’m very excited to announce a new workbook that is set to publish before the end of 2020. It’s been my pleasure, as a life coach, to create a self-guided coaching workbook called, Hey Wait a Minute…I Didn’t Ask for This! More details to come through social media announcements.