In my opinion, it is extremely important to remain positive about everything. I don’t always succeed, but I work really hard at keeping the mindset of moving forward into continual green pastures. I know…color me Pollyanna (for those who don’t remember or never knew….she’s a fictional character known for finding something good in ANY situation).

That being said, I’ve managed to cultivate friendships in the same vein. I surround myself with people who genuinely believe our next beautiful moments are just over the horizon…..hence…119 opportunities.

Recently, I was challenged by a friend to find three things that I have not fully engaged in….things I truly want to accomplish….and to focus on them for the next 119 days. In case you haven’t thought about it just yet, that is exactly the number of days left in the year 2020. I’m challenging YOU to do the same. We have 119 opportunities to do something that really matters….maybe not to the world…..or even to anyone else….three things born strictly out of personal value to the proverbial me, myself and I. Will you join me?

How wonderful would it be? Imagine saying (if only to ourselves), “I actually put the items that inhabit my daily thoughts on the front burner of my life for 119 days!” If you have even a bit of Pollyanna inside, type, “I accept the challenge!” into the comment section below. I promise to keep you in my prayers for the rest of the year…and I secretly hope you will choose to do the same for me.