The schedule of services below can be considered as incomplete, due to the fact that I frequently customize various services for individual clients. The list represents a parameter of services offered. If you have a specific need, please email ( or we can chat about it at 832.259.9576.



Book Assessments – Are you wondering how your partially written (or otherwise unpublished work) measures up to those in your genre? Let’s take a look! An assessment provides valuable information to help you decide your next steps! I’ve spent over a decade helping writers just like you!

Start-to-Finish Self Publishing – It’s easier than you might think to get your book out into the world to share with others. Let’s talk about how we can make that happen for you! We can begin with the raw manuscript and go all the way to a beautifully built book you can hold in your hand, sell on Amazon and fulfill your dream! Contact Melanie for a reasonable quote today.

Editing – Let’s clean up your book, article, website copy, speech, report, resume and more!

Ghostwriting – As an active ghostwriter for fifteen years, I can assure you that your audience will never know I was there! Research has shown more than 80% of the United States population would love to have their own story published, but do not have the time to complete the task! Is it time to consider a ghost?

Social Media Action Plans – Are you actively creating an online presence? I can help!

Brochure Copy – Every single word of your ad copy matters!

Newsletters – Allow me to craft timely, relevant copy in your specialized niche!

Blogs – Running out of things to say? I’m here to help extend the life of your blog through ghosted copy or guest posts!

Freelance Market Reports for Specific Genres – Are you wondering where to send your articles, short stories, poetry and more? I can supply a market report with viable opportunities!

Website Content – Your website is a calling card! Is your site doing its job well? Let’s talk!

Business Letters – We all need to “look” professional from time to time! I can help!

Resumes – Let’s make you look top shelf on the first thing your prospective employer will see that represents you!

Book Proposals – These 20-40 pages need to be a work of art that creates a WOW! Let’s work together to highlight both you and your body of work!

Ministry Development – There are so many necessary plans, documents and forms to be used in ministry development. We can untangle the web together!

Coaching Programs – Please visit the Coaching Program page.

Custom Work – Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please reach out by email or telephone.