The schedule of services below can be considered as incomplete, due to the fact that I frequently customize various services for individual clients. The list represents a parameter of services offered. If you have a specific need, please email ( or we can chat about it at 832.259.9576.



Book Assessments – Are you wondering how your partially written (or otherwise unpublished work) measures up to those in your genre? Let’s take a look! An assessment provides valuable information to help you decide your next steps! I’ve spent over a decade helping writers just like you!

Editing – Let’s clean up your book, article, website copy, speech, report, resume and more!

Ghostwriting – As an active ghostwriter for fifteen years, I can assure you that your audience will never know I was there! Research has shown more than 80% of the United States population would love to have their own story published, but do not have the time to complete the task! Is it time to consider a ghost?

Social Media Action Plans – Are you actively creating an online presence? I can help!

Brochure Copy – Every single word of your ad copy matters!

Newsletters – Allow me to craft timely, relevant copy in your specialized niche!

Blogs – Running out of things to say? I’m here to help extend the life of your blog through ghosted copy or guest posts!

Freelance Market Reports for Specific Genres – Are you wondering where to send your articles, short stories, poetry and more? I can supply a market report with viable opportunities!

Website Content – Your website is a calling card! Is your site doing its job well? Let’s talk!

Business Letters – We all need to “look” professional from time to time! I can help!

Resumes – Let’s make you look top shelf on the first thing your prospective employer will see that represents you!

Book Proposals – These 20-40 pages need to be a work of art that creates a WOW! Let’s work together to highlight both you and your body of work!

Ministry Development – There are so many necessary plans, documents and forms to be used in ministry development. We can untangle the web together!

Coaching Programs – Please visit the Coaching Program page.

Custom Work – Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please reach out by email or telephone.