Speaking Topics


Although there are several topic suggestions listed below, Melanie speaks frequently on customized topics for unique groups. Feel free to contact her at Melanie@MelanieStiles.com to discuss your individualized needs. She is a seasoned speaker used to accommodating various time slots and subjects.


Poetry is….

Discover the good, the bad and the fun in writing poetry. This presentation is designed to encourage and amuse both poet enthusiasts and those who never touch the stuff!

To Market, To Market

Beginning writers often work very hard to create that first masterpiece only to find themselves stumped as to what to do next. “How and where do I send my work?”
Have some fun while learning this step-by-step process that will help writers move forward to that first sale.

Devoted to Devotionals

Do you have the heart to write prayers and devotionals? There is a method necessary to share them with others in print. Allow me to guide you through the process and marketing for this truly inspired writing passion.

Writing for Anthologies

Anthologies are my passion. There is something about being included with other writers around a specific subject that brings a smile to my heart. I can show you the ins and outs of getting your story included in these wonderful books!

Pinpointing Your Writing Niche

Many aspects of your life go into what kind of writer you will be. Life experiences, career, time management, personality and more contribute to the sum total that is you – the writer. Step into an exploration process and walk away with a better idea of what types of writing are appropriate for you!



Topics are adaptable for conference, retreat workshops, keynotes, luncheons, teas, banquets and other gatherings.

The Heart of A Volunteer

God has carefully and lovingly placed a calling upon some lives. Explore the components of the volunteer’s heart and the impact it has on the community around you.

Seemingly Insignificant Days

Does your congregation reach out to the unchurched? Experience this heartfelt testimony showing how simple acts of kindness by church members can and do change lives forever.

How’s Your Bat?

Christians often don’t think about certain aspects of our journey with Christ. We have to be reminded that He began a work in us that will not be completed until we go home. We must learn how the process works so that we do not live in negativity about ourselves along the way. God wants us to be happy and content right where we are!

All Things Team

Melanie has devoted years of service to team development in one of the largest churches in America. She continues to be an active ministry leader and contributes in the areas of teaching, encouraging and enlarging volunteer teams. Allow her to pass along the expertise that comes from building teams that work.

The LEAD in Leadership

When you discover how to Learn, Edify, Accentuate and Devote your leadership skills to your volunteer teams, communal talents will surface. Take your team to the next level!



Battling the Bogey Man

As a child, did you lie in your bed at night snuggled under your blanket, worrying about the infamous Bogey Man? The Bogey Man was not under my bed or even in my closet. He was in plain sight every day. And he had a name: Dad. Allow me to share God’s redemption along with the spiritual tools we all need to defeat a childhood of abuse.

Reflections in the Mirror

Who has self-esteem challenges? The answer is: All of us! Every single day can contain one or more issues. We see ourselves as too fat, too old, too young or too something…the possibilities can be endless. Let’s take a good look at the four sources our self-image comes from and explore how to achieve and maintain a healthy perspective about ourselves through God’s reality and not our own.

It’s All About Love

Do you love green beans more than you love your husband? Love is one word that describes many, many emotions and desires. Let’s navigate the loves of your life.

The Friendship Factor

The friends in your life can often make or break you. Discover what an enriching friendship should look like, what to do with toxic “friends” and how you can both make and be the best friend possible.

Organizing Your Life

Let’s explore various ways to get it all together to make it all run smoother. A variety of organizational techniques around time, money and the general business of life will be introduced.

Ya Gotta Have the Basics!

If you’re feeling worn out, burnt out, overdrawn or undone, chances are you’re leaving out at least one of the basic life tools necessary to fulfill your life. Come along with me on the Basics Journey and discover what components to throw out, what to keep and what to add to achieve peace in your life.