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Melanie Stiles

Melanie is an award-winning author and Life Coach who has accumulated hundreds of bylines in various publications. She uses her background to share joys, hardships and other life journeys with her fellow man. Melanie believes we are better together and works to help others become the best they can be. Her favorite life experience to date is when her granddaughter rushes through the front door of her home, yelling, “Yaya! I’m here!” http://www.MelanieStiles.com


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Melanie Stiles

Christian Life Coach, Author and Speaker

Melanie has been successfully coaching individuals for many years, and enjoys helping others to achieve their God-given passions. She is branded as the Life Coach in Blue Jeans due to her down-to-earth, practical, and spiritual approaches to fulfilling the desires of the heart.

Melanie has also accumulated hundreds of freelance bylines, authored several books specifically for writers, and frequently speaks at conferences, churches and with other teams/groups on topics relating to the journeys of Christian women, discipleship, leadership, biblical topics and writing.

Her award-winning book, The Heart of a Ready Scribe: 52 Reflections for Writers, continues to be well received by the writing community. She has completed two books of her six-part series for writers. Book One is titled: Let’s Write! A Non-Nonsense Manual. Book Two is titled: Let’s Write Devotionals! All of Melanie’s books can be found on Kindle and Amazon.

Her first Blue Jean Bible Studies release, titled, And She Shall Be Called Woman: A Bible Study on Lesser-Known Women of the Bible, has received the 2020 Book Excellence Finalist Award. Also offered on Amazon.com, this study is perfect for both individual and group study.

Melanie offers writing-related services to individuals and organizations, including complete book publishing processes, copy creation, editing, ghostwriting, coaching and more. Melanie is a practicing Life Coach with certifications received through the American Association of Christian Counseling. She frequently pairs with both individuals and groups to assist in goal achievement. Her coaching programs can be customized to fit specific needs.

Melanie spends her free time volunteering as a Lay Minister at Lakewood Church in Houston, Tx. and enjoying outings with her family.

She’s a voracious reader and is always looking forward to meeting new friends!

For more information, please see: www.MelanieStiles.com

Or email: Melanie@Melaniestiles.com


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