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ASSBCW print cover imageAnd She Shall Be Called Woman: Lesser Known Women of the Bible

Right now, at this very moment, there are an estimated 3.7 billion lesser-known women in the world.

Most of them rose this morning and set about the businesses of their days…businesses that will never be the topic of a prominent blog or even be mentioned in a Tweet.

In other words, they are just like you and me. We have a distinct commonality with the lesser-known women of the Bible.

2020 Book Excellence Finalist Award winner!

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No Peeking AllowedNo Peeking Allowed!: Journal

Every writer needs a place to put ideas, outlines & other stuff.

Writers are creative, intuitive, curious individuals who are constantly building and compiling words.

Every writer needs a journal!




Lets Write DevotionalsLet’s Write! Devotionals

Book Two in this ongoing six-part mini-series shows you how to break into print while connecting with God on an intimate level.

Learn how to submit your work to this special market.

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Let’s Write! A No Nonsense Manual

Book One in this ongoing six-part mini-series will provide you with the very basic, bare-bones components needed to accomplish your two-fold goals of writing and publishing. It’s a one-stop primer that alleviates a writer’s confusion about how and where to get started on the journey to achieving writing dreams and desires.

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Heart of a Ready ScribeThe Heart of a Ready Scribe: 52 Reflections for Writers

Writing can be a lonely business in which hours of solitude are spent dedicated to weaving a story.

Through divine guidance, writers can discover creativity, innovation, and the necessary integrity to endure this singular journey.

Enjoy this one-year reflection journal that offers weekly encouragement, instruction and practical advice to both seasoned and novice scribes.


Thank-you-for-your-HeroThank You for Your Hero: A Devotional Collection for Fallen Warrior Families

The authors in this devotional collection represent a collaborated effort to express sympathy, empathy, comfort and support to military families.

These writers joined forces for a cause near and dear to all American hearts. ALL proceeds from the purchase of this book are donated to Foundation.


Anthology Works

devotions-2017Devotions – Fall 2017

Contribution: November 6th through November 12th

Daily scriptures, devotionals and prayers for the 2017 Fall Season.




devotions-2016.jpgDevotions – Fall 2016

Contribution: September 12th through September 18th

Daily scriptures, devotionals and prayers for the 2016 Fall Season




365 Devotions365 Devotions Pocket Edition – 2015

Contribution: June 15th through June 21st

A scripture, meditation, song, verse for memorization, devotional and prayer for every day of the year.



God Hearts MeGod Hearts Me: Daily Prayers for a Girl’s Heart

A daily devotional featuring 365 readings that will encourage your heart with regular reminders of God’s love.

Each devotional reading touches on relevant life topics such as: faith, forgiveness, friendship, and more.


Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts: Get Real with God, Others and Yourself – A Devotional for Young Adults

Get real with God, others and yourself…and not only survive, but thrive!

This book isn’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill daily devotional.

Instead of a “do this, don’t do that” preachy style, you’ll find in-your-face honesty and topics that are both relevant and refreshing.


Chicken Soup for the Soul ChristmasChicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic – 101 Holiday Tales of Inspiration, Love, and Wonder

Story Title: “When Angels Sing”

Christmas is a magical time of year – a time of family, friends, and traditions. This collection is guaranteed to warm readers’ hearts and spread the wonder of the holiday season!

It’s a fantastic gift for the young and the young at heart.


Grandmother's NecklaceBook Title: Grandmother’s Necklace

Story Title: “Something From Nothing”

All of the authors in Grandmother’s Necklace wrote from the love in their hearts without monetary gain.

Every cent of the proceeds from the sale of this book is funneled through the Grandmother to Grandmother Campaign to help grandparents care for HIV grandchildren in sub Sahara Africa.


Chicken Soup Brothers SistersChicken Soup for the Soul: Celebrating Brothers and Sisters

Story Title: “No Joke”

If you have a sibling, you know there are stories to tell (and, of course, some we never will).

This anthology is full of the tales of brother/sister interaction bringing both laughter and tears to most eyes.


Letters to My TeacherLetters to My Teacher: Tributes to People Who Have Made a Difference

Story Title: “Red Ink in a Journal”

This collection is filled with dozens of real-life letters speaking of lessons learned, lives changed, as well as celebrating the quiet heroes who made it all possible. The teachers we remember most are those whose lessons extend beyond the classroom to stay with us throughout our lives.


Dieters SoulHeavenly Humor for the Dieter’s Soul

Need a good laugh? Who doesn’t?

Find mirth and spiritual refreshment in these devotional readings drawn from fellow dieters.

Every reading points you to the heavenly Father who knows all about you – and loves you completely!


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Absolute Write, Barbour Books, Chicken Soup Series, Christian Communicator, Crosby Sun Newspaper, Cross & Quill, Evangel, Family Tree Magazine, First Edition-HFBC,  F&W Publications, Lakewood Church Newsletters, Blogs, Teaching Materials, Ministry Development Programs, and Team Agendas, HFBC IWA! Newsletter, Home and Family Living Magazine, Inspiration News, New Writers Magazine, Pedestal Magazine, The Sentinel Newspaper, The Write Heart, NASA Space Center Houston, Truckin’ News, Whatever is Pure