Gee whiz!! Covid, quarantines, financial losses, miscellaneous other failures, hurricanes and fires! The other day, I even had a friend announce to our virtual book club that she wouldn’t be surprised to see zombies sauntering up her driveway! Of course she was joking, but I had to agree that looking through current lenses can all seem pretty bleak.

Thankfully, we don’t have to be that kind of person. I refuse to believe that difficult seasons won’t end at some point. I refuse to believe that we, as highly competent people, can’t rise….or even re-rise…to come back stronger down the road.

I started my life inside of a difficult family bubble. AND I ROSE. Maybe you did too? The history lesson for most of us has been clear…even in the midst of most anything, we can find a way to see past the ugliness to something beautiful and tangible. I believe that’s what writers excel at…..finding this path….writing our way out of the proverbial fog. We are really good at searching, sifting and signifying what others can read as encouragement, entertainment and education.

Keep writing – both for yourself and others! But take time out, now and again, to emulate my friend, Norman, pictured below. Look out the window, soak up the sunshine that surpasses our circumstances….and imagine a better tomorrow!