I’m not one to do many things without thinking my actions through beforehand. But, we’ve all heard something similar: “You’re a writer. You have to market. Nobody is going to do it for you!” And, unfortunately, those are all true statements. So, like most everyone else, I bumbled through the motions, until I had the bare minimum completed. I established social media accounts. I created a website. Mischief managed! End of story!

Or is it? Honestly, it wasn’t until I paired myself with a marketing accountability partner that I realized just how little effort I was applying to the process. The biggest secret about marketing is that it remains a secret! What works for me may not work for someone else. It’s why everyone is so darn busy consistently trying new things. And it’s also why enrichment comes into play.

Enrichment, put simply, is improving the quality or value of something. And I discovered a number of ways I could enhance every single marketing outlet. I took the time to click through everything, on every site, learning and adding. I snuck a peek at the authors I love to see what buttons they were accessing and using to their advantage. There’s no harm in parroting what someone successful has done! A tweak here, a bio adjustment there, a pic update and even the addition (or posting consistency) of a blog and marketing presence starts to stand out in ways it didn’t before. When is the last time you took an objective look at your stuff? Maybe you should set aside the idea of something new this week and entertain the idea of enrichment. It just might pay off!