Okay. You’d have to live under a rock not to notice that there is almost nothing we did back in February 2020 that can be done the same way in August 2020. That goes for writers too!

For example….virtual everything!

It looks great on the advertising, right? BUT I’VE NEVER DONE VIRTUAL TEACHING! So, in pondering that fact, I realized there are probably a lot of you who are also standing at the bottom of the I’ve-never-done-that-mountain as well. Let’s encourage each other! We can do this! All we need are a few guidelines:

First, we have to go back to school – whether it be for Canva, Google, ZOOM, Instagram, Facebook or whatever. And honestly, we should remain open to learn what we can about ALL of it. How else will we know what works best for us? This is the time to snoop around and see what everybody else is doing!

Second, we are going to have to develop technological habits that include proper lighting, background, posture and knowledge about any equipment that creates a suitable representation of who we are as authors. Network, network, network. There will always be those ahead of us and those behind.

And finally, most importantly, we have to allow ourselves and others the grace of a learning curve. By the end of August, I will have done many things I’ve never done before. I’m absolutely sure I’ll make a few mistakes along the way. But, also, I’m (albeit clumsily at times) posturing for the change that has been thrust upon us. I’m attempting to reside inside the space of earnestness, humility and open mindedness. Is it time for you to do the same?