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It happens. Life takes over and you find yourself drifting away from all that was important to you. Maybe it is because of the death of a loved one, a major health issue, a child in jeopardy or some other upheaval. It can also occur when good things transpire….think weddings and newborn babies. But sooner or later, the ember in our spirits flickers into a flame once again. The nature of purpose takes hold and we remember how devoted we were to what we did…..and the urge to do it again surfaces.

If my words resonate, I encourage you to rise again. I’ve been away from all things writing for six long months….and it feels so delicious to swim in vocabulary again!

Photo of Melanie Stiles

I would love for you to share here something you know you need to go back to….that thing that never quite leaves your spirit….the thing you know you can never stay away from for too long. Let’s share what we treasure!