While much of the world will be commemorating true loves on Valentine’s Day, writers have an additional reason to celebrate. February 14th is also LIBRARY LOVER’S DAY! Initially started in Australia in 2006, the holiday quickly spread around the world. If you dare, you can join others in various locations as you dress up like a favorite book character or participate in other themed events.

On a more philanthropic level, there are a few kind expressions that take little effort. Donate books to your local library. Thank the librarian for creating a haven where you’ve been able to surround yourself with one of the things you love the most – words! You might even consider delivering a small bouquet to make her day! Check out any volunteer opportunities available and invest a bit of your time in 2022. Apply your writer creativity to support a good cause.

Let’s finish up with library miscellany.

The very first documented library was formed in the 3rd millennium B.C. in the Babylonian town of Nippur.

Other names for a library are: Athenaeum, amber, archives, reference collection, and incunabula.

The city that has the most libraries per 100,000 people is Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

The largest library in the world is the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. It stocks more than 39 million books!

Find a way to promote and LOVE your LIBRARY soon!